FMP: Concepts and Ideas – The first Enemy of the Fairies

At the start of thinking about what the first enemy of the fairies would be,

I was brainstorming about what sort of force could counter the fairies in this game

as the character would be a playable one, I had to think of a way to make it strong enough

to block magical attacks while also having the wisdom of an experienced tactician who has

lived for more than a dozen lifetimes, however. One thing must apply

to the foundation of this character.

He or she has to be human

The One – This is as close to being untouchable as one would become during combat in order to protect such a masterpiece of artwork in this fine establishment, indeed.

The first thing I thought of  was the obvious choice

for what would be a highly effective counter towards

the magic of fairies.

Scrapped - This concept was created without considering the main theme of the project

Nice Hat – I’m highly thankful that triangle hats save poor drawing skills all over the world.


a wizard.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking.

Why would a wizard be in a Steampunk/Cyberpunk game?

This question came to mind only after I had came up with this idea,

so I scrapped it, although.

That was not the end of this humble wizards journey.

Pixel Power - Long live 8-bit sprites!

Pixel Power – Long live 8-bit sprites!

As I was creating the concept how the conjurer of mysteries would look

when it appeared  in the game, and discovered that it would be somewhat

awesome if I made the wizard an 8-bit character.


this idea evolved into the decision to make the game

an 8-bit one.


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