FMP: Statement of Intent (CANCELED)

My final major project will be a film documentary based on visual effects and modern gamers, it will revolve some of the more sensitive sides of the gaming industry, such as:  ‘Does video game violence influence real world violence?’; ‘What do gamers expect when they are transported in to the vast world of gaming?’; ‘Do they think that society portraits them differently from everyone else and if yes how?’


The visual effects will include things such as title sequences and animated overlays, I believe that this project will be essential towards my studies since this course is partially Gamer related. Due to some of the content that will be shown in the movie I am forced to rate this as a 16+ movie production. The name of the Movie will be: B60FPS, which is short for Behind 60 Frames Per Second, which is the interval that videogames are played in.

Thumb Candy – The history of computer games 2000

Videogame – The Discovery Documentary

Playing to Win – Inside the Videogame Industry 2008

Get Lamp – Movie released in 2010

     Every videogame website, book, magazine and written article on the topics above.

  •               IGN articles and reviews about the same subject
  •               GiantBomb.comarticles/reviews about the same subject
  •               GameSpy – articles/reviews about the same subject
  •               Oneup – articles/reviews about the same subject
  •               Gametrailers – articles/reviews about the same subject
  •               A life well wasted podcast – since this podcast has covered every single important event in gaming history over the past two decades. My greatest influences will be the written reviews and articles from: Colin Moriarty, Greg Miller, Patrick Levi, Tim Schafer, Ryan Scott, Brian Altano, Scott Bromley, Andrew Goldfarb and many more of the modern day video gaming journalists and editors who have worked in this industry.


The Diary format of my FMP

I will personally record my actions towards this project on video format for the viewers to see my initial reactions towards the subjects that will be debated and the peoples responses. There will also be a written evaluation that will cover every aspect of the terms mentioned above.


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