FMP: Appendix (of each week)

Week 1 : 10.3.2013 Write Final Major Project Statement of Intent

Week 2 : 17.3.2013 – Go through the overwhelming amount of documentation about the video gaming industry. While taking notes of the major events and their importance.

Week 3 : 24.3.2013 – Plan the initial questions and start working on the storyboards. Also manage to get in contact with all of the modern gamers that will be interviewed


Week 4 :14.4.2013 – Start confirming the appointments for the interviews and start shooting right away.

Week 5 : 21.4.2013 FMP Progress Interim Review One

Week 6 : 28.4.2013 – Finish up the interviews with the gamers and record some gaming footage and find eligible soundtracks that will fit for the topics of the movie that will be game related.

Week 7 : 5.5.2013     – Start setting up for interviews from the modern citizens.

Week 8 : 12.5.2013   – Start post production and editing the movie.

Week 9 : 19.5.2013  FMP Progress Interim Review Two

Week 10 :26.5.2013 Present Final Major Project for assessment

Week 11 : 2.6.2013 Present and hang Final Major Project Exhibition

Week 12 : 11.5.2013 Show open / examiner visit


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