FMP: Statement of Intent [2nd Idea] (APPROVED)

My final project will involve creating the concept of a two dimensional Fantasy Science Fiction game that’s based in the 21st century, however.

There will be three main characters that are inspired by what’s known as Steampunk, there are some elements from Role Playing Games in this project which will be used to emphasize the abilities of the creatures along with the scenarios that the characters will face during their journey in a world of magic and gadgets. The characters and locations will be designed through hand drawings and storyboards that show the detail and purpose of each scene within the world of the game.

The beginning of the project will have a title sequence that includes a live-action cinematic to advertise the essence of game through scenes that have no impact on the gameplay while also catching the attention of the viewer. The effects that will include things such as title sequences and animated overlays will be present in the live-action cinematic of the game.

After the live-action cinematic is over, the start menu of the game will present itself with options that involve the difficulty of the game, when a period of time has passed, the screen will make a transition to a demo of the game that will be animated with the use of Adobe After Effects which will allow me to animate the hand drawings of each character in order to create a concept of the gameplay after the start menu has faded into the background.

  •               IGN articles and reviews about 2D games
  •               Deviantart – images/journals about Steampunk/Fantasy Sci-Fi
  •      – articles/reviews about Steampunk/Fantasy Sci-Fi
  •      – articles/reviews about Steampunk/Fantasy Sci-Fi
  •               Gametrailers – articles/reviews/videos about title sequences



The Diary format of my FMP

When it comes to documenting the progress of each week, a set of short videos that describe individual aspects of the game will be made after each stage of creation is complete.

An evaluation will be made for each part that’s uploaded.


Week 1 : 10.3.2013 Write Final Major Project Statement of Intent

Week 2 : 17.3.2013 – Creating the ideas and themes.

Week 3 : 24.3.2013 – Start working on storyboards for each character and location while planning to film parts of the live-action trailer during the weekend.


Week 4 :14.4.2013 – Complete the concept art, name creation and the title sequence storyboard for the trailer

Week 5 : 21.4.2013 FMP Progress Interim Review One

Week 6 : 28.4.2013 – Begin the first set of animation plans.

Week 7 : 5.5.2013  – Complete animations and for the gameplay demo along with the title sequence.

Week 8 : 12.5.2013   – Post production and editing of the trailer.

Week 9 : 19.5.2013  FMP Progress Interim Review Two

Week 10 :26.5.2013 Present Final Major Project for assessment

Week 11 : 2.6.2013 Present and hang Final Major Project Exhibition

Week 12 : 11.5.2013 Show open / examiner visit


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