Unit 64 – Research on Maurice Binder [Motion Graphics & Video Compositing]

Who is Maurice Binder?

American visual designer, creator of the famed opening title sequences of the James Bond movies.

A native New Yorker, Binder’s early work included designing advertisements and catalogs for Macy’s department store.

During the Second World War, he worked at Universal Studios, then became West Coast art director for Columbia Pictures.

The distinctive style of the Bond main titles became a much-admired and much-parodied tradition.

Binder worked up until his final illness and death in 1991 at 72.


as given short notice to present some ideas. Using some white sticker dots,

he pitched the concept of having animated dots that would wind up starting every James Bond film.

The gunbarrel that frames Bond firing at the camera was a real gunbarrel.

Binder photographed one using a pinhole camera and subsequently, used the technique in every Bond film.

The reason for the swirling design is to spin the bullet, which gives it a truer trajectory.


Because Binder delivered the title sequences for the Bond series at the very last minute,

the censors would often deem them too racy because of all the naked women in them, even though audiences never saw anything to cause upset.

The fact that the premieres were a charity event helped him to get around that.


Other film titles he designed include The Mouse That Roared,

The Grass Is Greener,CharadeFathom, and Billion Dollar Brain.


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