What is the Utah Teapot?


The Utah teapot is an extremely frequently used model in computer graphics, and anyone that can program a 3D viewing program should be familiar with the teapot. Now here’s the part where I tell the story of its origins.


The above teapot is from a file known as ‘OFF’ of the teapot. The original teapot, from Martin Newell’s PhD thesis, consisted of 28 Bezier patches. The original had no rim for the lid and no bottom. Later, four more patches were added to create a bottom, bringing the total to 32. The data set was used by a number of people, including graphics guru Jim Blinn. In a demonstration of a system of his he scaled the teapot by .75, creating a stubbier teapot. He found it more pleasing to the eye, and it was this scaled version that became the highly popular dataset used today.

Taken from Graphics Links at Holms3D.net http://www.holmes3d.net/graphics/teapot/

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