Unit 51 – The difference between NURBS and Polygon Modelling [3D Computer Modelling]

What are NURBS?

NURBS is short for ’non-uniform rational basis spline’. It is a model, involving the use of maths calculations, (equations used to define  curves or surfaces) used in computer graphics for producing and giving the impression of surfaces and curves. Solid, surface and curve design programs use the technique. Nurb are used in computer graphics on video games.

What are Polygons?

Ploygons are used to create 3 dimensional models. They are geometric shapes. You take a point in 3 dimensional space, known as a vertex, 2 of these connected by a straight line will make an edge. 3 vertices connected to each other by 3 lines make a triangle. The most basic polygon shape in mesh modelling

What is the difference?

In computer modelling of objects if you want to create a 3D object you would use polygons if you want it to have curved  surfaces, you would use NURBS.


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