Unit 51 – [3D Computer Modelling] Research on NURBS and Polygons

The following pieces of information were taken and analysed from different parts of the internet

(source links included)

Non-uniform rational basis spline (NURBS) is a mathematical model commonly used in computer graphics for generating and representing curves and surfaces. (Wikipedia)

NURBS and Polygon Differences see Ryan Simpson’s Blog



  • Automatic matching of geometry in all views
  • Automatic 2D view and section drawings
  • Simple correction and modification of the design
  • Accurate full-size templates/patterns
  • Surface and volume calculations
  • 3D Rendering

What is a NURB?

NURBs are Non-Uniform, Rational, B-splines.  They are equations used to define curves or surfaces that simulate the designer’s batten in terms of stiffness and continuity. In the early 1970’s, ‘B’ or Basis splines were created (There are an infinite number of splines.) as a convenient way to define smooth curves and surfaces interactively on the computer screen.  Rather than have a curve pass through a set of points, like ducks on a batten, a B-spline creates a curve that is “influenced” by the positions of defining points called vertices..”

Taken from The Dirty Little Secrets of NURBS Stephen M. Hollister, New Wave Systems, Inc.Copyright 2001  http://www.pilot3d.com/NurbSecrets.htm

What are Polygons?

Polygons are a type of geometry you can use to create three-dimensional models in Autodesk® Maya®. The other geometry types that Maya provides for modeling in 3D are NURBS and subdivision surfaces.

Polygons are useful for constructing many types of 3D models and are widely used in the development of 3D content for animated effects in film, interactive video games, and the internet.


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